Friday, March 28, 2014

RealERP Software Solutions Gives A Futuristic Business Approach

RealERP Software Solutions is the leading cloud based solution provider, which offers the usability and functional depth to increase the productivity, competitiveness with integrated, fast and flexible business process. It allows an organization to manage the business efficiently. Provides both operational support and strategic management to organizations that face rapid change without burning a hole in your pocket. Our service gives you a competitive edge and drive growth with ERP Software Solutions.

RealERP Software Solutions covers the entire facets of enterprise functions through a suite of modules including Sales Management, Financial Accounting, Project Management, Contractor Management, Marketing Management, Purchase and Inventory, HR and Payroll Management, Lease and Maintenance.

Our Solutions allows you to automate and grow your business and integrate the data and processes from all areas of an organization and integrate it to ease access and make the work flow more efficiently.

Friday, March 21, 2014

RealERP's Cloud Based Customer Relationship Management System

Real ERP offers its web based CustomerRelationship Management System, which manages all your company’s interactions with current and prospective customers and also facilitates control and organization of entire sales process to increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction and retention. Manage all the business contacts, clients, contracts and sales leads and enables the businesses to understand the customer, retain customers, attract new customer, win contracts and increase the profitably.
Customer Relationship Management System establish strategies, manage daily communication and organize the sales and service effort and helps you know your customer better. It gives the authority to your sales staff to maintain the details such as activities, inventory status, history, related contacts, estimated costs, delivery time, risk status, addresses of your customers and their relations with your competitors.

The flexible database structures enables every member of your sales team to get the information they would like to keep on your customer to make the right pitch at the right time and maintains such information for your future reference.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Get Discount On Real ERP Services

Get Discount On Real ERP Services, deliver quality ERP Management Software services with 30 to 40% discount on complete Real Estate ERP Solution till 30th March 2014.

Get all you need to grow your business and deliver quality services with the Real ERP and includes discounts on its complete ERP services to eliminate the need for expensive customization. Get 30 to 40% discount on complete services business solution for real estate project based businesses as we focus on delivering you the cost reduction, risk mitigation and return on investment. Real ERP is an ERP solution provider for real estate and offer high software solutions and the most effective real estate software to incorporate all aspects of real estate business. Caters to offer software solutions to the Real Estate industry and is highly service oriented.

We know what it takes to successfully choose and implement the right ERP software solution for your business so we provide the fundamental framework to ensure that each ERP services we are involved with stick to the guideline, practices and principles necessary for ERP success. Our ERP service allows you to automate and grow your business by focusing on every task necessary to ensure our clients achieve the most business benefits by minimizing costs. The services are equipped with the features of flexibility, security and efficiency to get deep industry functionality built right in, to achieve real time insight for the business processes you need.

Offers Real Estate Solutions, Construction Solutions, Infrastructure Solutions and ERP Integration Solutions to give competitive advantage in a complex and changing world. Contains multiple modules like Sales Management, Purchase and Inventory, Marketing Management, Project Management, Contractor Management, Financial Accounting, HR and Payroll Management, Lease and Maintenance, which allows a business to manage the company's processes in a fast, accurate and efficient manner.

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